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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Job - The College of St. Catherine - Communications Project Manager

Position Purpose:
This position exists to manage all print and web projects for the College of St. Catherine that flow through the communications department. The position is responsible for managing the schedules of graphic designers and production people to ensure on-time delivery of materials. Key internal clients include admissions, development, academic programs, and other key faculty and staff. This is a critical position. The incumbent is a member of the communications department staff and works in collaboration with the writer, the director, the art director, designers and other freelancers and communicators to ensure materials meet the clients’ needs, accurately represent the college, achieve desired results, and communicate key messages effectively. This person evaluates the purpose of the project and weighs that against the time, money and effort required to achieve the desired results.

Responsibilities and Results
1. Intake and process all projects coming into the communications office. Assign projects, create production schedules and function as liaison between department and clients.
2. Collaborate with web and graphic designers to develop concepts and design materials for internal clients. Work with key contacts from admissions, development and other departments to develop and create materials that promote the college.
3. Coordinate production, monitor schedules, and communicate with clients and the director on project progress and timing.
4. Secure approval on materials, estimates, and costs, prioritizing and organizing resources.
5. Supervise the delivery of the project and manage quality control to ensure that the materials meet the college’s standards and client expectations.
6. Create and maintain job status forms and production data records.
BA or BS degree required in communication, marketing or related field, plus a minimum of two years experience working in a related field. Thorough understanding of the necessary skills of those involved in print production, including writers, designers, graphic artists and photographers. Strong understanding of the print production process. Ability to prioritize, set goals and help with client conceptualization projects. A high level of organizational skill is required, along with the ability to handle a variety of projects simultaneously. Not for profit or higher education experience preferred. Working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel or project management program. Quark XPress and Macintosh skills are preferred. A general knowledge of website development and experience working with photo shoots is a plus.

Major Challenges
As a member of a team working collaboratively to meet the needs of both clients and the differing styles of the production team, the position is faced with managing multiple deadlines and varying individual work styles. The position must be able to anticipate clients’ needs to schedule efficiently in order to best set priorities and maintain flexibility. The position must also be able to balance internal and external resources to best manage the budget constrains of the college.

The position includes managing design/production schedules so that projects flow through the department in the most productive and cost-efficient way possible. Many decisions must be weighed in matching clients and designers to achieve optimal results. There are many day-to-day decision-making responsibilities concerning implementation of strategies and creative direction. This is also a highly collaborative position requiring strong negotiating skills and the ability to listen to and understand the needs of designers and clients, as well as grasp the goals for target audiences.

Working Contacts
The position works closely with all communication professionals and internal departments including admissions, development, and faculty and staff. The position is a key member of the production team, collaborating with designers and clients to produce effective printed and electronic communications. This person also manages outside vendor and freelance creative talent contacts.