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Friday, October 20, 2006

Misukanis & Odden wants a PR Superstar!

Misukanis & Odden is looking for PR Superstars who can effectively sell our client's stories. Attaining offline and online media coverage is our client's measurement of success! Therefore our PR Superstars are never afraid of picking up the phone. They love conducting compelling media pitching to targeted journalists.

Our PR Superstars work hard to clearly identify newsworthy nuggets that our clients otherwise dismiss as day to day “oh well's”. They see the diamonds in the dirt and turn them into news stories their competitors envy!

Being a tenured media relations guru will not necessarily push us over the hiring cliff. We need to see energy, desire to help the client win, ability to identify many different ways to solve problems. You need to think, not expect to be told what to do.

That said, we will train the right candidate.

Here's a hint as to how we know you might be the right candidate: Send us your resume, and sell yourself to us with your email pitch. But don't stop there, because our PR Superstars never stop there. They call a targeted list of journalists and give a concise pitch that includes why our client's story is a must “read” for their readership, viewership or listenership.

Tell us why you are a “must hire” for Misukanis & Odden.

Hmmmmm. I guess that was more than a hint wasn't it.

Well it illustrates that it is work to be a PR Superstar. And for the highest performers we are more than happy to offer flexible working conditions and a highly competitive salary.

If you think you have the skills to be a PR Superstar, then contact Misukanis & Odden today!