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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Schermer Kuehl seeks a Creative Director.

Schermer Kuehl seeks a Creative Director. But not a CD for yesterday's agency. You know, the one that did print ads and collateral? We are seeking the CD of tomorrow. One that understands we don't control the conversation or channels anymore. But one that can envision the integral part we can still play: as creative, content and connection consultants that define and deliver brand experiences.

So who are you? You're a person turned on by technology. You read Wired, watch videos on TED, and are excited by the continual evolution of the Internet and digital marketing. You're even more excited about how the walls between marketing and technology, experience and utility, content and connection are being blurred. That's what you get to figure out for our customers, their customers - and even our agency.

Your ideas are inspirational and their outcomes are transformational. You can visually and verbally architect information and interactions that connect an organization's value proposition to its customers' values. And you know how to engineer experiences that connect customers and companies through print and online ads, search, social media, and digital destinations with interactive technologies such as motion graphics, flash and video. Tall order, we know. So please - don't send a resume' if you're not up to the challenge.

At the interpersonal level, you are an energizing person, not only with your work but with your work ethic. You have the ability to draw people into ideas so that they feel they own it together. You are proud of your work, but realize it really belongs to the client and their customer. You are not cynical, you are not inflexible, you are not about the portfolio. You are about being part of something as great as you are.

The creative director is a senior leader at SK, responsible for the creative direction, staffing and capabilities of the agency. You'll direct the ideation, presentation and execution of formative client branding and marketing communications strategies and campaigns; overseeing the creative team and creative processes, ensuring the profitability and quality of projects and the building the capabilities of the creative team.

Creative Director will oversee client programs in the following areas:
  • Brand Building (Messaging, Identity) 
  • Customer Connection (Advertising, lead generation, direct, Web 2.0, Web dev, working knowledge of search, social media, web dev, mobile)
  • Sales Support (collateral design, digital demos, interactive sales tools) 
  • Employee Engagement (employee branding & communications campaigns)
Requirements Experience requirements:
  • 10+ years experience in agency (preferred) or corporate marketing group
  • ACD, CD or Senior creative position with people management experience
  • BA or higher

requirements: Increasingly, we are incorporating or creating new digital technologies within our programs, so demonstrable knowledge of the latest innovations in marketing is a plus. Expertise in digital marketing, interactive, web and application design/dev, and emerging marketing technologies in the areas of search, social media, and mobile. 

Competitive compensation, benefits, 401k, and parking.
For more information, or to submit a resume, samples and salary requirements, visit