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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Tasefully Simple - Vice President, Marketing

This position reports to the CEO and Founder of the company, and is responsible for all marketing strategies, and tactical implementation. Marketing includes: marketing program development, web marketing, marketing production, design crew (internal design agency), communications (including public relations), product development and community relations. There are currently 6 direct reports and 36 indirect reports. The marketing operating budget is $4.5 million.

The sales team, consultant training team and the conference, events and travel team have a strong interface with the marketing team.

  • Drive sales through competitive and breakthrough strategies and tactical marketing plans
  • Serve on Vision Team, offering strategic leadership to company
  • Play a leadership role in achieving the aspirations of the company
  • Lead marketing vision
  • Oversee and evaluate market research and adjust marketing strategy to meet changing market and competitive conditions
  • Develop plan to achieve Tastefully Simple objectives through systems, tactics, processes and team
  • Develop innovative strategies
  • Drive the strategy behind product budget, market research, pricing, image and marketing campaigns, web marketing and launches
  • Develop and recommend product positioning, packaging and pricing strategy to produce long-term success
  • Gain consumer insights and trends, adapting marketing strategies accordingly
  • Create, communicate and implement competitive and breakthrough marketing strategies for HQ as well as consultants
  • Develop Marketing infrastructure
  • Motivate and lead a high-performance marketing team
  • Develop and share clear expectations and standards of performance
  • Oversee the development of product packaging, catalogs and other print materials
  • Create strong morale and team spirit
  • Build and lead world-class consumer packaged goods marketing team 
 Business Acumen
  • Achieve profit goals and market share in relation to industry standards and economic trends
  • Analyze and control expenditures to conform to budgetary requirements and ensure effective control of marketing results
  • Strong collaboration with Vice President, Sales and Vice President, Technology
  • Drive market research and methodology, quantifiable analysis and evaluation of marketing programs
  • Direct research and development, utilizing data-driven models such as accurate focus group information
  • Product line analysis that leads to higher sales and reduced expenses
  • Marketing campaign analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Guide preparation of marketing activity reports and dashboard presentations to present to Vision Team
  • Significantly grow our brand
  • Relentlessly incorporate Tastefully Simple’s style and principles into all projects
  • Establish and maintain a consistent image across all marketing activities
  • The duties and responsibilities listed above are representative of the nature and level of work assigned and are not necessarily all-inclusive
 Key Projects
  • Implement web analytics
  • Achieve successful product launch
  • Simplify consultant communications: higher impact, user friendly, fewer touch points
  • Execute additional key initiatives
Producing Results
  • Increase e-commerce sales (growth rate TBD)
  • Develop strategy to reduce cost of goods sold (rate TBD)
  • Attain a solid baseline understanding of home party business
  • Provide structure of work to marketing team: working in most efficient, effective way
Contributions to Culture
  • Create strong morale, cohesiveness and team spirit
  • Have demonstrated courage to be bold and encourage debate

Required Skills


  • Intellectual Functioning
  1. Strategic: anticipates and plans ahead with broad designs and ideas
  2. Critical thinker: probes beneath the surface; does not accept things at face value
  3. Tactical: plans and implements ideas with short-term benefits; practical
  • Emotional/Work Related
  1. Result oriented: concentrates energy and attention on getting things done
  2. Tolerates ambiguity: copes well with complex and vague situations
  3. Cooperative: willing and able to work constructively with others
  • Interpersonal & Social
  1. Listens: carefully attends to what others are saying and what they mean
  2. Persuasive: able to influence others
  3. Sincere: genuine and natural when dealing with people
  • Leadership & Management
  1. Visionary: can imagine and communicate what the future will be and get others to rally around the cause; realistic and altruistic
  2. High standards: demands excellence; communicates and enforces high standards
  3. Mentor: guides and directs others to appropriate course of action
Required Experience

Experience required:

1. Strong prior experience developing and implementing successfully the following marketing strategies:
  • Product development
  • Packaging strategies
  • Market research and data driven models (i.e., focus group information)
  • Brand development
  • Leading marketing campaigns and promotions
  • Communication strategies
  • Pricing and cost of goods sold (COGS) strategies
  • Collateral material development
  • Providing fresh, innovative breakthrough ideas
2. 10 years experience in a marketing leadership role
  • Supervised Direct – min 4
  • Supervised Indirect – min 30
3. Working within company with revenues of $100 million or greater
Experience preferred:
  • E-commerce strategies
  • Web marketing and knowledge
  • Party plan experience or other direct sales, distributor business or franchise model experience
  • Strong retail background and experience
  • Agency experience
  • Incentives
  • Leading in an entrepreneurial, privately held company
  • Passion for food
  • Working for company with revenues of $500 million or greater
  • BA/BS degree in related field
  • MBA preferred
  • Executive programs on value creation, brand building and innovation preferred
The salary is six figures, bonus eligible, and is negotiable based on experience and qualifications.   
See attached summary of benefits.
Relocation package included.
Doug Edwards
Senior Partner
DB Edwards Group
Charlotte Office

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