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Monday, June 07, 2010


Achieve frequent, positive, and accurate coverage of the Science Museum of Minnesota in local and regional media, and oversee the museum's efforts to communicate effectively and advantageously with its many audiences (media, donors, members, visitors, volunteers, staff, and other key constituencies).

Develop strategic positioning for the organization, manage the Science Museum's positive reputation in the community, and provide counsel to the president and senior leadership team about protecting and enhancing our organization's position and reputation. Support the museum's revenue streams, especially box office revenue, through effective communications.

This is a 24-hour per week job share position, with primary working hours being either Monday-Wednesday or Wednesday-Friday, with flexible hours to accommodate media opportunities. Both individuals will share equally all responsibilities for media relations and communications. Both positions have a primary responsibility to exercise of discretion and independent judgment with respect to matters of significance.

Requirements: Bachelors degree in journalism, English, or related field (masters degree preferred). 6-10 years media relations or communications experience. Ability to share position, including decision-making, authority, and participation in any responsibility or activity required of the job. Ability to communicate clearly and thoroughly with job share partner.

Management/supervisory experience. Excellent writing skills (including skills in writing copy for marketing collateral, advertisements, press releases, newsletters, annual reports, fund raising materials, sales materials, and speeches). Proven ability to achieve attendance-driving publicity. Crisis communications experience. Pay grade: 11. Application deadline: June 23, 2010. APPLY ONLINE