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Friday, July 02, 2010

Zimmerman Advertising - Account Executive

About the Job

Zimmerman Advertising, one of the nation’s top-ranking and largest full-service agencies in the southeast has built an office infrastructure to support the nature of retail business.​ We are known for our "brandtailing" philosophy.​.​.​ the science of enhancing brand image while pushing next day sales for our clients.​

We have over 800 budget conscious, retail bleeding, merchandise loving, sofa sleeping, car driving, pizza eating, market activating, comp sales crazy, ROI focused team members in many offices around the country!


THE JOB:     Currently accepting resumes for an Account Executive
THE PLACE    Minneapolis, MN
Overall Objective:
Account Executives are responsible for the day-to-day administration of marketing and Account initiatives for the Client Division and assist in the development of marketing and Account strategies, including gathering and analyzing information.​
  • Plan, organize, activate and control the day-to-day process within the Zimmerman group while bringing a perspective to strategy development and the execution of creative and media plans on behalf of the Client Division.​
  • Work with senior staff on the planning and implementation of Account and marketing initiatives to serve the Division as needed.​ This includes:
    • The development of media plans
    • Public relations
    • Ground research
  • Account Executives are responsible for engaging and activating both internal team members and the Division to maximize effectiveness.​
Daily Division Activities:
  • Assist in preparation and delivery of Account materials to the Division
  • Monitor production timetables
  • Monitor Division Account related Business Partners billing and payments
  • Monitor Division’s presence on various websites
  • Coordinate Point of Purchase Materials
  • Help coordinate all grand openings, track overall success of each event, plan marketing strategies and attend all events
  • Help coordinate Phone Bank
  • Help coordinate, attend and track success of realtor events per community
  • Work with Marketing Director to negotiate cross-promotional events, co-branding opportunities and sponsorships for the Brand
    Review sponsorship/​promotion proposals as well as evaluate and implement added value opportunities
  • Help coordinate, monitor and track success of referral programs and trade shows
  • Regularly shop Division’s competition
  • Work with Client's Branding Committee to ensure brand compliance
Agency Activities:
  • Maintain contact with Corporate Communication Team as well as other internal departments
  • Create quote and production requests for all Business related projects
  • Ensure the Division is aware of and understand Agency procedures as well as timelines for new initiatives or projects
  • Ensure that all bills are sent to Division and check for accuracy
  • Ensure all creative has passed through proper approval and legal channels
  • Track and research Zimmerman tracking system (ZTRAC) results, putting together monthly reports to review with DP’s and Marketing Director to adjust media as needed
  • Supervise all creative collateral produced by agency for the Division
  • Help Marketing Director monitor Business Partners relations and assist in interviewing and hiring new Business Partners, as needed
  • Provide direction to account coordinators
  • Track traffic successes and sales by cross-referencing ZTRAC and WEBSITE leads creating reports to present to Division
  • Monitor signage opportunities
  • Track Account budgetary spending for the Division, making sure the Division does not spend over preset budget
Reporting Activities:
  • Update weekly status report to keep Agency staff/​Division up to date on the status of all projects
  • Write and compile information for creative briefs
  • Keep Account Management informed of Division relations
  • Present and recommend media and Account opportunities weekly/​monthly
  • Monitor and report competitive activities and/​or initiatives
  • Provide research and competitive analysis in the market and help supply info to Director of Sales
  • Document Division meetings/​conference calls in writing, outlining direction and agreements made
  • Provide competitive analysis of Division’s competition, as well as shop all of the communities
Media Activities:
  • Oversee and work with media to ensure proper planning, placing and negotiating schedules and insertions to keep creative deadlines
  • Work with Media Planning and the Communication Team in development of annual media plans
  • Provide accurate direction to planning and buying groups regarding changes in plans per Client Division’s direction and approval of Agency proposals/​recommendations
  • Provide monthly media updates including media budgets and media calendars
  • Supply media with comprehensive Media Action Request’s (MAR’s) to pinpoint the exact type of Account needed also request Point of View’s (POV’s) on new types of Account media in market

Required Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in Advertising, Marketing, Communications or equivalent relevant experience
  • 5+​ years experience as an Jr.​ AE or AE or related role in an advertising or marketing agency with Real Estate knowledge
  • Be very familiar with Radio, TV, Print, Direct Mail, e-Marketing.​ Know the contracts, reps, and benefits
  • Thorough understanding of the clients industry and business
  • Client focused with a strong sense of detail and urgency
  • Proven ability to communicate bother verbally and written, with people at all levels of an organizationnew computer systems.​
  • Work with nationally recognized talent.​

  • Work with premier regional and national clients.​

  • Gain the knowledge and experience you will need to grow in the industry.​

  • Excellent benefits package including full medical, paid vacation, holidays & sick/​PTO, 401(k) to name a few.​

  • Visit Zimmerman Advertising online to apply for this position.