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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Evans Larson Communication is looking for a fall intern!

Evans Larson is looking for a fall intern! Hours are flexible, the internship is paid and can count towards school credit.

Responsibilities include:
Understanding of what each client does, their goals and how we accomplish them. Learn and understand strategies re: supporting all communication goals, brand management and client/customer goals via short- and long-term planning, messaging, on-brand tone and pro-/con thinking for each client supported by -

Media Relations
  • Press release (ideas, drafting, writing)
  • Training in and working knowledge of media lists
  • Email production
  • Pitching strategies, ideas
  • On-site for TV (live, in-studio or pre-taped)
  • On-site for reporter/client interviews
Social Media/Technologies
  • Crafting messages, re-purposing approved content
  • Research/updating on trends, tools and best practices
  • Tracking and analysis of all client tweets,Facebooking, LinkedIn, videos, etc.
  • How media relations can be best used and when on theseplatforms
  • You'll get training on our email programs, media list programs, social media platforms.
  • There will be very boring things like clips; but those aren't too bad.
  • Meetings w/clients: Shadowing us at meetings.
For more information, please contact or call (612) 338-6999.