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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Help Wanted: One Simple Plan Looking to Fill Mid-Level Position

One Simple Plan is an independent, nimble and entrepreneurial communications agency – spanning pr to social media and beyond. We’re a young shop – just three years old – and all of our clients have been via referral, of which we are quite proud.  As you can probably gather from our name, we like to keep things simple. Less meetings and less memos and more efficiency, which leaves us more time to do the things we want to do.

We’re based in Minneapolis and our business is of national and local scope, including business-to-consumer and business-to-business projects. We consider ourselves connectors, and we love to come up with good ideas for our clients.

We believe in working hard but also understand the importance of balance. We believe work is part of your life, not your life. We believe in everyone working for a common, transparent goal. We believe in having fun en route to that goal. We believe in the creative power of ping pong – a favorite pastime at One Simple Plan. We really like that we are close to Cuzzy’s and Target Field, two spots that help enable the aforementioned fun.

Because of who we are, we don’t really have the clichéd job description. And, we don’t have standard job titles. This position really is what you want to make it. If you work hard, like thinking about client business and strategies, and enjoy a long-term vision vs. a short-term vision, you will fit in perfectly. If you have a “figure it out” attitude when it comes to challenges and opportunities, you will do well here. It really is that simple.

Our to-do list includes media relations, social media, PR strategy, brand development, writing, presentations, research, creative development, and more.

Please send your resume/cover letter, and writing samples to

One Simple Plan is an equal opportunity employer.