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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Aveda - Global Communications Intern

Position Summary:
Assist Global Communications team with day-to-day operations, press outreach and management.
Each Aveda employee will practice an individual commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility in the workplace. We aim to steer society in a more sustainable direction for our benefit and the benefit of generations to come.
Key Responsibilities:
Essential Duties:
  • Media/Competitor Monitoring. Monitors and tracks green/new/trade/Minneapolis media placements for updates to media hits binder, placement summaries and weekly updates; monitors for competitor mentions to assist in proactive outreach opportunities
  • List Development and Maintenance. Researches, develops and maintains media contact lists (trade/green/Minneapolis), media magnet location directories (top salons/spas, service-specific lists, green salon/spas), Aveda spokesperson directory and green/online/trade awards document
  • Press Outreach. Assists in Minneapolis, online and trade press outreach; conducts proactive/reactive outreach to beauty/fashion bloggers and websites; fulfills editorial product requests and assembles new product mailings
  • Internal/Clerical Responsibilities. Maintains global communications intranet site with weekly updates; attends bi-monthly site review meeting with HR and other team leads, maintains inventory of Aveda product and general office supplies; conducts clerical duties as needed
Other Duties:
Pitch letter writing; press release editing; interaction with various departments within Aveda

Education: College graduate with degree in PR/Journalism or Communications
• Previous PR interships or experience
• Strong writing and communications skills
• Attention to detail and strong organizational skills
• Experience with Bacon's, Burrelle's and VMS preferred

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