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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Land O'Lakes - Community Relations Intern

Land O’Lakes, Inc. strives to be a good neighbor and contribute to the vibrancy of the many communities it calls home. 

Land O’Lakes makes financial contributions to support community projects focused on hunger and human services, youth and education and civic and arts. These sponsorships serve the general public and help bring communities together, while also enhancing Land O’Lakes corporate presence where we have members, employees, plants and facilities. The Public Relations department and the Land O’Lakes Foundation are responsible for all financial contributions, sponsorships, and volunteer activities.

As a member of this team, the Community Relations Intern will:
- Coordinate the Community Giving Garden program in the Twin Cities and six other locations. This includes working with employees and local agencies for volunteer planting and garden care and coordinating produce harvest and delivery to a local food shelf. In rural locations, the intern will work with local contacts to assist with creating and promoting their garden projects.
- The United Way campaign in the Twin Cities raises more than a million dollars to help our communities. As a campaign team member, the intern will work with the fundraising committee on creating, producing and promoting fundraising events to raise more than $80,000.
- The intern will work with new employees, employee volunteers and executives on volunteer events such as the new employee breakfast, the Moo Booth at the Minnesota State Fair, and summer volunteer projects.
- The intern will also assist with Foundation programs and other Public Relations projects as needed.

Required Education:
- Public Relations
- Communications
- Experience as a volunteer, preferably in a leadership role

Required Skills:
- Commitment to community service
- Ability to work independently
- Ability to communicate effectively through a variety of channels

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