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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Spyder Trap Online Marketing - Web Developer

As Web Developer at Spyder Trap Online Marketing, you will use your passion for web development to produce best-of-class projects for a wide array of great clients.

To excel in this position you must enjoy solving problems, learning daily, and be able to work both collaboratively and autonomously. Additionally, we're looking for someone that is truly passionate about the web, online communications and has an intuitive understanding of the concepts of web usability.

Required Skills and Abilities:

* HTML/CSS expertise
* Photoshop expertise
* Familiarity with common Javascript frameworks (JQuery, Prototype, etc.)
* Proficiency in PHP
* Understanding of concepts & challenges surrounding web content
* Wordpress experience
* Drupal experience
* Flash - Actionscript 2-3
* Basic SEO understanding
* Experience with Google AdWords & Google Analytics

Job tasks will include:

* Website build out
* CMS plug-in creation/integration
* DNS, Web services & troubleshooting
* Client support of all web services
* Email marketing production
* Client relationship building & support
* Learning, adapting, researching 24/7

Education and Training:

* 2 – 4 years of proven development experience
* Associate or Bachelor degree preferred

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