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Monday, September 05, 2011

Deluxe Corporation - Product Marketing Fall Internship

Job Description:The Product Marketing Fall Intern will be assigned to special projects specific to the Bags & Bows Retail Packaging category. They will be responsible for maintenance of product lines as assigned by the product manager across all North American business channels. This position will be exposed to all aspects of managing the "4 P's" of marketing, new product development, with specific focus toward website restructuring and product merchandising.

Essential Job Functions/Accountabilities (List in order of importance):

1. Assign Product Attributes to all products for Fredhopper Website project

2. Assign New Product Taxonomy and Reporting Structure to all items

3. Review Website Features & Benefits – ensure consistency

4. Collect Recycled Content Data from Vendors for all products

5. Identify any web images that need photo updates/enhancements

6. Determine Website Companion Product Recommendations for the 600+ new sku’s

7. Assist with Catalog Pagination and Product Assortment Grid maintenance for January and March catalog launches

8. Assist in requesting Photo Samples for catalog/web photography and the Atlanta Gift Show

9. Assist with putting together Product Swatch Books for Atlanta Gift Show

10. Pricing Research—compare/contrast Bags & Bows pricing of key categories with the competition and provide recommendation to the PM

11. TBD—additional projects to be assigned at the discretion of the Product Manager

Location: Shoreview, Minnesota

Duration: 10-14 weeks (20/hours a week, days/hours can be flexible during the week) Hourly Rate: TBD based on skill set

Education Required:
The Fall Intern role is for candidates currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Special consideration will be give to Merchandising, Marketing or Business majors.

Experience Required:
This position is suited for those with work experience in retail merchandising and customer relations who possess a strong desire to build their business acumen and have a demonstrated ability to manage and prioritize multiple tasks. Past experiences will be weighted with future goals to determine best fit.

Other Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Strong interpersonal skills Self-motivator/starter

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