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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

University of Minnesota - Web Designer/Developer

Required qualifications:
Applicants must have a minimum of a bachelors' degree plus two (2) or more years of professional web design/development experience.

Additional requirements include:
A portfolio of recently completed web sites demonstrating skill in the areas listed below:
~Experience in web programming and HTML, including familiarity with PHP, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript.
~Demonstrated experience in web development, coding, information architecture, and maintenance of web sites.
~Experience with W3C and Section 508 standards and guidelines for developing and validating accessible web pages.
~Demonstrated high level of experience with Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office products.
~Demonstrated strong working knowledge of Adobe Dreamweaver as a site- and page-management tool.

Preferred qualifications:
~A bachelor's degree in the fields of web development, computer science, or graphic design/interactive design or 5+ years of web development experience.
~Experience working in a higher education environment, with preference given to University of Minnesota experience.
~Experience using MySQL and Excel for data management, analysis, and database development; significant PHP experience.
~Experience with the Drupal content management system; also preferred is experience using content management applications such as Adobe Contribute and Oracle WCM.
~Graphic design expertise; proficiency in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator a plus.
~Knowledge of and appreciation for graphic identity standards and web navigation logic/information architecture.
~Experience working with the University's web design guidelines.
~Experience working with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds
~Knowledge of and experience with design for mobile including "mobile-first" design.
~Experience managing server-side Linux web development and server tools including mysql server, php and apache configuration, and source code control (e.g. svn or git).
~Experience designing and building web sites in a strategic communications context.
~Strong written and verbal communication skills.
~Self-directed, with a customer service orientation and the ability to manage multiple and concurrent projects.
~Creative problem-solving and flexibility are required; also essential are the ability to work both independently and in a team environment, to design critically, to prioritize, and to take direction.

Responsibilities include:
~Designing web sites for University academic and administrative programs and initiatives.
~Working with content providers to keep sites current and transform information for web audiences; working with content management applications.
~Coding/programming (PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript), design collaboration, and project management as needed.
~Participating in strategic communications planning and ensuring that web projects integrate and reflect key University communications goals.
~Preferred candidates will also have graphic design as well as database design and implementation experience.

The Web Designer/Developer reports to the team's Web Project Coordinator as part of a cross-function strategic communications cluster led by the Director of Communications. The position is responsible for leading or assisting in all project phases, from 1) planning, scheduling, and interacting with clients through 2) design and templating, 3) construction and testing, 4) documentation and user training, and 5) maintenance and content management. The Web Designer/Developer will be primarily responsible for the second, third and fourth stages of this workflow (though input may be sought in the first and last stages commensurate with experience in project planning and client interaction).

Essential Functions:
85% - Web Design, Development, and Production:
~Developing functional page layouts, site navigations, web application workflows, and fully functioning web sites based on project plans and design goals.
~Identifying and implementing projects using appropriate design/development tools and content management systems, based on project capacities and needs.
~Developing user-centered, flexible, and accessible CSS-based designs using commonly followed web standards including semantic HTML and universally accessible design.
~Producing finished web pages, and also updating existing pages with new content or design elements.
~Validating HTML and CSS code, browser-testing pages and sites, and participating in usability testing.
~Integrating web sites with University web media and content management tools including Media Mill, UThink, and UMContent as needed or required by project goals.

15% - Project Administration, Client Interaction, and Collaboration:
~Providing service and support to clients, from project coordination to user-focused documentation, training, trouble-shooting, and "help desk" support.
~Tracking project work and progress to assist in balancing priorities and ensuring that work meets overall communications goals.
~Contribute to communications team planning, problem-solving, and creative collaboration
~Other duties as assigned to advance this office's design work and related tasks.

The Office of the Senior Vice President for System Academic Administration seeks a Web Designer/Developer for a position providing web development, design, and support to multiple academic and administrative programs of the University of Minnesota.

The Web Designer/Developer will design and implement web sites as a key member of the office's communications and web team. Located on the University's East Bank campus, this existing position supports varied online projects for a wide range of academic programs, central administrative units, and public engagement initiatives.

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