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Monday, January 30, 2012

Row 27 Studios - Sports Marketing Intern

Reports to:  Marketing Associates for all company related items – time worked, orientation, resources, etc.) To CEO (for direction, mentoring, follow-up). Works closely with marketing team to help expand marketing efforts and service clients.

General Description
The marketing/business intern is focused on advancing row27’s presence in professional and college athletics; will help to set appointments for marketing staff throughout the sports industry.
Duties include:

NCAA Marketing & Business Administrative
  • Sending emails and making phone calls to set appointments for marketing team.
  • Help build database, send e-mails, manage direct response, phone follow-up.
  • Create targeted promotions of services
  • Prepare a weekly status report for the weekly meetings. This report would consist of an update of project activities, checklist of progress, the status and follow-up results from each category.
  • Maintain time spent on activities.

Knowledge & Skills
Candidate should be capable of initiating and maintaining strong personal relationships. In addition, he/she should be able to coordinate with all the departments involved to ensure the completion of the associated marketing programs. A high degree of organization and self-motivation is required. This person must quickly learn our services and market. He/She must also stay aware of the upcoming company opportunities and identify areas where service can be improved.
Prefer a responsible recent graduate or Junior/Senior in college working on a business degree with technical aptitude and a basic knowledge of sports. Past experience as an intern or work study in College Athletics is a plus. Past experience with cold calling and client contact will be helpful in securing the position.

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