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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ultralingua - Marketing Communications Intern

About Ultralingua:
Ultralingua, Inc. is a Minneapolis-based software company that makes tools for people who love languages. We are a small, passionate team of people who love the challenges that come with our start-up environment. We’re dedicated to making outstanding language tools, and have produced some of the most popular dictionaries and phrasebooks for Mac, Windows, iPhone and iPad, Palm, Windows Phone, and the web available today.
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About interning here:
Interning with us means taking ownership of your projects, having a voice in our decisions and processes, and learning by doing rather than observing. Our interns are given career-level responsibility and treated as important members of the team, so to be successful here you have to thrive on a challenge, be eager to show us what you can do, and be dedicated to your own professional development. We provide projects that give you an opportunity to accomplish amazing things and the coaching you need to take your career to the next level.
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We will encourage you to analyze the effectiveness of your work and help you understand your results. In addition to working on your assigned project, you will set professional development goals and personal learning objectives. We coach our interns on resume and cover letter creation, informational interviewing skills, career exploration, and more.

Here is what some previous interns have had to say about working at Ultralingua:
“This was a world away from my other internship experience because I was given the opportunity to be independent and show that I am able to do something without the immediate help of a superior. I am really excited to bring my samples from this internship with me out into the [workplace] because I am proud of what I have accomplished. Thank you for this opportunity!”

“I enjoyed the independence that was given to me… I can't remember a time this summer that I was bored or was searching for something to do. I really appreciate the confidence that was given to me by my superiors, I think it will better prepare me for the ‘real world’ of work.”

About the Marketing Communications internship:
We will hire several marketing communications interns to work on a variety of public relations, copywriting, campaign planning and execution, social media, multimedia, and social responsibility programs. Our communications interns work directly with the communications coordinator to increase exposure of our company and products, build lasting relationships with our customers, and increase sales with campaigns. These internships come with an opportunity to create content for various channels, including emails, websites, social channels, our blog, etc. with measurement and evaluation integrated into each task.

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