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Friday, May 25, 2012

Markit is looking for an MG intern

markit is looking for an MG intern. An MG (Marketing Guy/Gal) is 

the liaison between our clients and the markit team - like an account manager, but cooler. 

Interns here will gain experience and friendships – why taint the situation with dollar signs?

Ahh, interns - our favorite tackling dummies. We’ve seen it all, from suits 'n' ties to shorts 'n' flip flops. Our internships are pretty rigorous; you will sand the floor, paint the fence, and wax the cars (we're mostly joking) – all with no pay. But when you’re just about ready to throw in the towel, we’ll pull the switcheroo on you and you’ll realize you learned how a marketing department firm really works. You get the total experience, hands-on experiences. You get to work with a group of smart, caring, passionate people. And you get this for free.

However, you don’t just ‘get in.’

In other words, you need some skills. Part of progression is being able to enhance your skillset, not just get a pass/fail from your professor. IRL (text-speak for you kids out there), there is no such thing.
Who knows? Learn enough.. impress us enough.. and you might just be the next ‘somebody.’ We're always looking for somebodies.

We're looking for someone who is outgoing, interested in Public Relations, Social Media, and creative writing. We work hard and play hard here. Fridays are scattered with games of Wii bowling and Pac Man competitions (yes. we have an arcade game in our office). It's an open environment with a lot of strong personalities, we function as a well oiled machine and we're looking for the perfect intern to join us! Some of your tasks will be run of the mill (think addressing envelopes),on other projects you will gain extensive experience and ownership. 

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