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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Basilica of Saint Mary - Director of Communications and Marketing


Advance The Basilica of Saint Mary’s and The Basilica Landmark’s vision and mission by building parish and public awareness through implementation of marketing and communications strategies.


·         Work assigned by Basilica’s Managing Director. 
·         Works collaboratively with Staff Directors to coordinate communications and marketing strategies, and use budgeted marketing dollars effectively.
·         For the BASILICA magazine, assist the editor, coordinate deadlines and logistics, and be a contributing writer.
·         Recruit, direct and supervise work with volunteers and interns to implement communications and marketing strategies and tactics. 
·         Serve as staff liaison for Basilica Block Party Public Relations.
·         Advises, implements communications and marketing work of the following volunteer   
            BASILICA magazine
Biblical Stewardship Council
            Basilica Development Committee
                        The Basilica Landmark (with Executive Director, Board)  
·         Participates in Staff Teams including:
                        Full Executive Team
                        Communications Team (serve as facilitator)


Proven experience in strategic communications and marketing, planning, public relations, direct marketing, social media, project management, evaluation, and budgeting.  Experience with volunteer / employee recruitment and supervision.   Ability to relate to people of all ages and diverse backgrounds   Ability to work under pressure of multiple, competing projects and deadlines.  Attendance at evening and weekend meetings and activities as required. Excellent verbal and written communications skills (writing for both electronic and print media).  Strong computer skills.  Experience in non-profit setting and knowledge of community resources a plus.  Experience with Blackbaud RE7and NetCommunity software a plus.   

Education:  College degree, or its equivalent.
Preference may be given to applicants of the Catholic faith.


1)  Build awareness of Basilica vision and mission.  Provide leadership, direction and implementation of public relations for external communications.
·         Identify and strategize public relations opportunities throughout the year and implement to generate regular positive media coverage.  Involve volunteers and staff to prepare public relations and marketing campaigns.
  • Serve as primary contact for media relations and be present and available for Basilica events and activities including but not limited to Christmas, Easter and Holy Week, Blessing of the Animals, Blessing of the Bicycles, The Basilica Block Party and any other events that might have media presence.
  • Manage the Basilica brand, including key messages and implementation of the Basilica style guide, and work with pro bono agencies to support and develop new branding strategies as needed.

2)  Prepare annual communication and marketing project plans, budgets and timelines.  Develop and implement annual objectives and action plans, and evaluate and track progress toward goals.
  • Coordinate with Staff Directors and volunteers to formulate plans, set priorities and organize workload to ensure success in achieving established deadlines.
  • Develop and manage communications and marketing budget.  Work with Staff Directors to identify financial resources across Basilica budgets and pool for maximum impact.  Make recommendations about funding needs.
  • Determine best strategic mix for communications and marketing (e.g. electronic vs. print vs. social media vs. other) to achieve goals.   

3)      Supervise the preparation and distribution of The Basilica’s current communication vehicles, evaluate their effectiveness, and introduce improvements.  Recruit and supervise volunteers and interns to assist with writing, photography, design, layout, and proof reading for print and electronic communications.  Current communications vehicles  include: 
  • Mailed bulletin and weekly newsletter (distributed at Mass):  Supervise publication and insert schedules.  Work with staff to ensure timely submission of articles, and accurate, informative publications.  Manage vendor relationships and distribution. 
  • Basilica E-vent eblasts.  Supervise writing, preparation, distribution twice monthly.
  • Work with the BASILICA magazine editor to supervise volunteer writers, meet deadlines, and provide support for distribution.  Also serve as a contributing writer.
  • Serve as Webmaster for website and manage subscribe lists. Maintain updated home page and site content, and manage calendar for subscribe lists eblasts.  Document processes for updating the website.  Check general Basilica email box daily. Plan needed improvements in and MyBasilica web design and functionality. 
  • Supervise Basilica’s Facebook and Twitter accounts and maximize outreach through social media.

5)  Keep the Basilica at the forefront of media techniques to insure effective communications.  
  • Advise Basilica leaders on the most impactful use of social media and staying current with communications strategies in an ever-changing environment.
  • Evaluate current use of social media and make recommendations about any changes needed to communicate to key audiences of parishioners, volunteers and supporters, and potential new members. 

6)  Identify and implement communications and marketing strategies and tactics to successfully grow Basilica parish households, and to engage current parishioners as active volunteers and donors. 
  • Design a plan to invite, engage new participants in Basilica offerings, with goal of increasing engaged new parish members.  Advise Christian Life staff about implementing effective communications strategies for new parishioners.
  • Advise Development Committee and staff and implement direct marketing strategies and communications for the annual Financial Stewardship Appeal and the St. Vincent De Paul appeal to generate significant increases in response rates, income raised, and donors.
  • Work in coordination with the Stewardship Council to implement communications strategies for engagement of current / new parish members.

7)  Work with the The Basilica Landmark’s Executive Director to oversee and implement The Landmark’s strategic marketing and communications goals.
  • Serve as liaison to The Landmark Marketing Committee Chair, and work together to set annual goals, and report to the Board as requested.
  • Responsible for the ongoing recruitment of volunteers and agency assistance for The Landmark.
  • Identify and strategize public relations opportunities for annual capital improvements and for future capital campaigns. 
  • Develop and implement an ongoing online strategy, including The Landmark website and social media to raise awareness and engage donors
  • Coordinate photographers for special events.
  • Provide public relations assistance for the Basilica Block Party.

8)  Coordinate other special communications and marketing projects as assigned by the Managing Director.

  • Ability to work with minimal supervision
  • Strong oral and written communication
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Ability to prioritize tasks, workloads, and workflow
  • Analytical and problem solving skills

  • Work 40 or more hours per week when needed
  • Able to lift 15 pounds
  • Able to walk up and down stairs

Employment in and by the church is substantially different from secular employment. Church employees must conduct them selves in a manner, which is consistent with and supportive of the mission and purpose of the Church. Their behavior must not violate the faith, morals, or laws of the Church or the archdiocese, such that can embarrass the Church or give rise to scandal.

This position does not require that the employee be Catholic. It is expected, however, that non-Catholic employees will respect Catholic doctrine and religious practices. Reasonable accommodations for the religious practices of non-Catholic will similarly be provided.