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Thursday, August 02, 2012

University of Minnesota - SOBACO Associate Program Director

- Master's degree in a technical area such as computer science, engineering, MIS, interactive marketing;
- 5 years experience assisting in the startup of institutes or new initiatives; program implementation related to social media; and interactive marketing or business analytics;
- Excellent oral and written communication;
- Strong interpersonal, organizational and problem solving skills

- 6-10 years experience in program implementation related to social media, interactive marketing or business analytics;
- Experience in higher education;
- Ability to effectively organize and manage multiple projects;
- Ability to deal with ambiguity related to new initiatives

This position is the key administrative position for the Social Media and Business Analytics Collaborative (SOBACO)

30% Administration/Operations
- Works with director to formulate and execute SOBACO's vision and strategic plan to further the mission of SOBACO, the Carlson School and the University of Minnesota.
- Creates budget and work-plan that supports SOBACO initiatives and strategic plan. Uses appropriate University systems to provide budget oversight and accomplish necessary tasks to meet the SOBACO's goals.
- Directs SOBACO's human resources and supervises staff following Carlson School and University policy and procedure along with appropriate employee class guidelines, rules and bargaining unit agreements.
- Serves as a member of the leadership team, listens and collects information to appropriately draft policies and standards of operation(s).
- Ensures appropriate individuals have access to and/or understand the information they need to perform the tasks they are responsible for to support SOBACO's mission.
- Supervises the planning of and participates in ensuring all SOBACO events (conferences, workshops, and industry networking events) are professional, timely and within budget.

30% Research and Education Development
- Works with director to develop strategic partnerships with companies who would have an interest in addressing the types of questions outlined in the overview above.
- Develops relevant experiential learning project opportunities for Carlson School and University of Minnesota students with companies in the area of social media and business analytics.
- Acts as liaison with faculty, the various Carlson Enterprises and institutes/research centers in order to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge from student and faculty projects.
- With director, explores and implements opportunities for new research initiatives and dissemination of research/project results (i.e., conference presentations, publications, reports, etc.)
- Acts as liaison with research faculty, corporate partners, Office of the General Counsel and the University of Minnesota to structure appropriate legal arrangements for joint and sponsored research.

40% Communication/Outreach & Relationship Management
- Supervises the development and dissemination of SOBACO publications, especially through social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, You tube and Blogs) and marketing/PR materials including, annual reports, newsletters, research reports, working paper series, event flyers/announcements
- Identify relevant faculty research and convert that into content that is disseminated broadly through multiple social media and traditional channels (such as newsletters, research reports and white papers).
- Cultivates and maintains strong relationships with and collaborations between other Carlson School and University units as well as the social media and business analytics community
- Maintains the SOBACO website's content, keeping it current, interesting and relevant to stakeholders.
- Identifies information to share with the broader community and works with the school's marketing/communications services to disseminate information appropriately and in a timely manner.
- Create industry oriented work product such as white papers from faculty research.
- Provides oversight and management of SOBACO's advisory and affiliate groups.
- Acts as a liaison, building relationships with and between internal and external constituents, such as advisory groups, boards, faculty affiliates, student groups, alumni, and other collegiate units.
- Receives inquires from internal and external constituents and ensures the appropriate response.
- Keeps up to date in the fast evolving area of social media, big-data and business analytics.

** The employer reserves the right to change or assign other duties to this position **

The Social Media and Business Analytics Collaborative (SOBACO) is an interdisciplinary research center with the goal of bringing scientific rigor and expertise in addressing many of practical challenges faced by firms and society in today's rapidly evolving social and big-data landscape. The advent of a social layer over what has been multiple decades of exponential growth in computing, communications and data has opened up an array ofApply  possibilities in how we conceptualize interactions between consumers, firms and industry structures. SOBACO is envisaged as a large-scale real-world applied laboratory where industry and academia intersect to answer a variety of questions, from peer influence effects on consumption and discovery of products, pricing of digital media, to designing next-generation recommender systems and enquiries into the changing preference structures of Generation Y and Z consumers.  

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