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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ramsey County - Communications Associate

To create promotional and informational materials to advertise the department's facilities, programs, services and events; to perform graphic design activities, including assisting with the design and maintenance of the department's website and database updating; to design multi-media communications including the production of newsletters; to perform related public relations and communication activities; to develop and implement social media strategies; to create and manage online customer surveys and to perform other related duties as assigned.

 Examples of Work Performed:  

• Create brochures or other informational pieces through the use of desktop publishing software or other methods.

• Facilitate the design, maintenance, and updating of the department's web site and database; prepare narratives, graphics and photographs for inclusion in the website based on information solicited from department staff.

• Formulate and manage social media campaigns and day-to-day activities in consultation with department staff including promotion of departmental services and programs through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

• Solicit news stories and write articles for the department's staff newsletter.

• Assist in developing presentations to be used in briefing departmental or County personnel, elected officials, and the community about specific projects, events, or activities.

• Assist in promoting and organizing programs and events.

• Design and produce signs for the department.

• Design and execute department promotional displays.

• Design multi-media communications.

• Create and manage online customer surveys to assess user preferences and evaluate department performance.

• May answer phones, and perform other tasks, such as keyboarding, filing, and providing information to other employees, the public, or vendors, either orally or in writing.

Minimum Qualifications

Education: Bachelor's degree in English, graphics, visual design, mass communications, journalism, or a closely related field.


Note: Any combination of postsecondary education in English, graphics, visual design, mass communications, website design and administration or a closely related field; and/or experience in designing publications, newsletters, desktop publishing, websites or other activities related to the production of promotional, communication or marketing pieces, totaling four years may substitute for the Bachelor's degree.

Required at Entry:
• Knowledge of the principles of public relations and communication through print and electronic media.
• Knowledge of conversion and uploading of Website materials, use of web content management systems, and Microsoft Office.
• Knowledge of event or program planning (depending upon assignment).
• Skilled in the use of printers, scanners, and other variety of visual and graphic tools.
• Ability to effectively use design software including Quark-Xpress and Adobe Illustrator, In Design, and Photoshop.
• Ability to translate others' ideas into design sketches and layouts.
• Ability to use tools, such as Signmate, HTML, JavaScript, CGI Scripting and CSS Style Sheet Development.
• Ability to use hardware to create signs.
• Ability to show ease and creativity in writing.
• Ability to develop a variety of informational pieces such as posters, flyers and brochures.
• Ability to research specific program areas, identify sources of information and obtain necessary information.
• Ability to use online survey tools and effectively communicate survey results in narrative and graphic formats.
• Ability to use social networking tools and sites to effectively promote a department's services and events.
• Ability to perform organizational and detail work.
• Ability to manage multiple tasks at one time.
• Ability to conduct an effective interview.
• Ability to develop and manage websites to ensure ease of use and clarity of communication.

Required at Full Performance:
• Knowledge of the department's organization, mission, and relevant policy and procedures.
• Knowledge of assigned program areas and relevant sources of information.
• Ability to establish effective working relationships with departmental and other County employees, elected officials, community groups, vendors, and media.
• Ability to gather data used in the evaluation of program effectiveness.
• Ability to identify long range goals and establish steps to reach those goals.

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