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Monday, October 29, 2012

Life Medical - e-Commerce Copywriter Marketing Intern

Development of online marketing for a novel medical therapy that uses a line of nutritional supplements for treatment of certain medical conditions. The treatment is headed by a doctor at Life Medical, an integrative medical clinic in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. More information on this therapy can be found on the following site:

  • Create online marketing campaign for our therapy. Write an engaging, persuasive, search-optimized copy for our website. Familiarity with SEO is a must.
  • Review and rewrite the existing copy whenever necessary.
  • Create a blog, possibly a social media campaign, and maintain them.
Qualities we are looking for:
  • Ambition and ability to learn and work independently: you are the marketing department. You come up with the marketing plan, we discuss it, and you put it to work.
  • Ability to write well and understand the workings of online marketing.
Advantages of the position:
  • This is a project all your own. Great for your portfolio.
  • Life Medical is one of about 200 clinics nationwide providing this therapy. I haven’t seen good marketing from any of them. If you succeed here, you will likely be a hot commodity for the rest of the clinics, and I will do my best to promote you.
  • If you succeed, this position may become a paid one. Then I may also ask you to promote some of the other therapies we offer.
  • The level of personal satisfaction in working with this therapy is remarkable. The results of treatment are often astounding. If you want a job that leaves a positive imprint on the world, this is your place.
  • You will be provided with as much support as you need for the job to be done well. If you need help, you can find the appropriate consultants and we will hire them for you.
  • Hours are flexible
Please note that this position is an unpaid experience within a non-corporate environment. If you are looking for corporate environment with a ladder to climb, this is not for you. You are the sole member of the marketing department and there is nobody in the company to guide you in terms of marketing.

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