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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shelter For Life International - Communications Intern - Unpaid

Shelter For Life International (SFL) is a Christian Relief and Development organization with over 27 years of history in providing humanitarian assistance to post conflict countries. SFL is currently operational in Afghanistan, South Sudan, Senegal and Tajikistan. SFL provides support and assistance in the following areas:

1.      Shelter and Population Settlement
2.      Application of Microcredit
3.      Agriculture Development and Food Security
4.      Reconstruction of Public and Market Infrastructure; i.e. farm-to-market roads, irrigation systems, food storage and etc.

To learn more about our humanitarian projects, please visit our website at:

Shelter For Life International is seeking for a Communication Intern.

Position Title: Communications Intern
Position Reports to:  Communications Coordinator.
Position Location: Minnetonka MN
Position is part- time, Monday – Friday, hours flexible, up to 15 hours per week.

Job Description: The position assists the Communication Coordinator of SFL in administration and implementation of communication projects. The position will work on the following areas:

1.      Strategic Communication
a.       Assists Communication Coordinator in gathering project and human impact stories from SFL field offices.
b.      Assists in developing stories to communicate with SFL supporters.
c.       Develop communication and promotional material for distribution.
d.      Work with Communication Coordinator in developing regular Newsletters and Press Releases.
e.       Develop content for SFL’s social media outlets.
f.       Develop other messages and letters on behalf of SFL’s Executive Director.

2.      Communication Administration
a.       Assists the Communication Coordinator in development and execution of tools and procedures for use of social media.
b.      Administer and update SFL’s social media outlets; i.e. Facebook, Constant Contact, YouTube, and etc.

1.      Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications and Journalism, Public Relations, Marketing. (or currently pursuing Bachelor’s Degree).
2.      Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
3.      Ability to work independently and report accurately on goals attained responsibilities.
4.      Enthusiasm for the Christian mission of the organization.
5.      Basic understanding and experience in graphic design for development of communications material.
6.      Experience with use and application of the following software packages.
a.       Apple® and other (relevant) video editing software.
b.      Adobe’s InDesign Software, including Photo Shop.
c.       Microsoft Office® products, particularly in MS Word, MS Power Point and MS Publisher.

Preferred Qualifications:
1.      An individual that wants to express their Christian faith through their vocation.
2.      Background in humanitarian aid (volunteer position, mission trips).
3.      Nonprofit and/or NGO experience.

To Apply: Email Cover letter, writing sample (with graphics), resume to: