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Friday, January 18, 2013

MCHA - Communications Coordinator

The Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association (MCHA) is seeking a part-time Communications Coordinator to plan and execute all communications for the organization. The ideal candidate will be a self-starter with a broad range of communications skills including copywriting, web management, member communications, and occasional external presence representing the organization. The position will be responsible for detailed communications across all channels (member, vendor, internal, media, government and more). Person will work with a small office staff, but with a number of outside vendors and consultants.  Time-management and strong interpersonal skills are critical to success.

1.     Provide leadership in the development and maintenance of MCHA’s overall Communications Plan for 2013 and 2014.
2.     Prepares a detailed communications work plan to support the transition of MCHA’s members to the new market beginning October 1, 2013.
3.     Writes all communications pieces (print, web, and others)
4.     Maintains and writes all copy for the MCHA web site, and direct to consumer enrollee materials.
5.     Works with Medica to facilitate printings and mailings to members; works with outside vendors, i.e., printers, mailing vendors, sign makers, etc.
6.     Assists staff with the planning for state wide public meetings that will begin in September of 2013, as part of our educational objective to support members in transition to the new market.
7.     Works with and supports outside consultants as needed, including Government Relations, Legal, and MCHA’s Communications Consultant
8.     Manages media contacts, press releases, and/or interviews.
1.     Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in a related major, i.e. communications, journalism, public relations, English or similar.
2.     Several years of experience in business communications work, preferably in a healthcare or insurance company.
3.     Proven track record of both written and oral communications work as well as overall planning and strategy.
4.     Ability to work in all levels of communications, from strategy development to basic writing and printing of material, and presentations.
5.     Must be capable of working with social media and web content management.
6.     Serve as a representative of  MCHA externally, to members, vendors, media, others.

Additional Details:
1.     Position will be part time, although could include some full time stretches.
2.     Person could be classified as an independent contractor, or an employee.
3.     Primary place of work will be the MCHA’s office.
4.     Work will not be permanent; it will end sometime around the end of 2013, or into early 2014.
5.     Works with the Executive Director and the Director of Operations of MCHA, and with staff of Medica who support MCHA.

About the Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association (MCHA):
The Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association (MCHA) offers individual health insurance to Minnesota residents who have been turned down for health insurance in the private marketplace because they have a pre-existing health problem. MCHA is sometimes called Minnesota’s “high risk pool” for health insurance, the “insurance of last resort,” or the “safety net.” Currently, about 26,000 Minnesota residents are insured by MCHA.

MCHA is not a state-funded program. MCHA is a non-profit that was created by the Minnesota Legislature in 1976 as an option for people who otherwise could not get insurance coverage to have an option for coverage. MCHA is regulated by the Minnesota Department of Commerce and an eleven-member board of directors provides direction to MCHA. The executive staff manages the administration of the plan though MCHA’s contract with Medica, for the day-to-day operations.