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Monday, April 08, 2013

Church of Minneapolis - Public Relations Analyst

Job summary
We are looking for a self-motivated and creative individual who has a keen understanding of how to communicate to a large audience and also has an understanding of creating a public image that is positive and well known. This position is a summer internship that will enable the applicant to use their skills as well as gain experience in the field. The task is for this selected person is to bring creative and innovative ideas to expand the public image of our church both internally as well as externally. Upon successful completion of this project availability of future employment may be possible stipulating the outcome.
Summary of essential job functions
Create a marketing plan
Be able to attend weekly meetings with senior pastor to explain work
Open avenues of exposure for the church
Create a positive viewpoint in the local community

Minimum requirements
Must have at least a Associates degree in Public relations or subsequent learning
Cover letter/ Resume
Needs to be available over the summer
Prompt and timely
Abilities required
Keen writing skills and verbal communication
Microsoft office programs
Problem solver
Cost effective planner

Contact Information
Please send resume and cover letter to Dante Williams at