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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Zion Lutheran Church - Media and Communication Specialist

Position Description:  Media and Communication Specialist

Goal:  This key staff person will oversee all media platforms through which the mission and ministry of the congregation is communicated. 

Qualifications:  This key staff person must understand the Church culture and possess a demonstrated ability to work collegially in a multi-staff setting.  Proven ability in all current media platforms and a background in writing and copy editing preferred.

Duties and Expectations

Reports to the Pastor for Leadership
Provides the leadership and oversight of congregation’s mission and ministry story for the congregation, the community and greater Church
Facilitates the internal communication of the various mission areas, attending staff and ministry team meetings
Recruits and coordinates communication volunteers within the mission and ministry areas for written and visual media
Establishes and maintains writing, publishing, and graphic style guidelines by educating pastors, staff and lay leadership.

Internet Web-based Communication
Oversight of the congregational website, content and links
Writes copy, creates graphic, video and photos needed to tell the congregation story
Coordinates Technology Improvements with the Director for Welcome and IT Consultant

Communications and Public Relations
Serves as the congregation’s mission story teller for the members, community and the greater Church
Prepare press releases for congregational events and newsworthy occurrences.
Primary writer and editor for articles for all media platforms, web, Facebook, Twitter, text message, including the weekly bulletin and monthly newsletter
Develop a network of writers and contact persons to provide items for internal publication (web, Facebook and print).
Consult with the pastors and staff on the development of all materials.

Internal Communications
Coordinate internal communications
Develop reference materials and conduct pastor, staff and lay leadership media and communication training sessions.

Multi-media Services
Assist with the production of the weekly cable broadcast, both for cable and for You Tube posting.  Assist with the production of additional videos for mission and ministry initiatives, weekly worship and internal video bulletin boards.
Draft and facilitate multi-media presentations for ministry and mission teams, pastors, staff and educational events.
Act as a multi-media resource for pastors and staff.

Resourcing Ministry and Mission
Oversee the congregational story in coordination with pastors, staff and lay leaders in all areas of communication, including:
o Websites, Email, Twitter and other social media
o Newsletters, Bulletin and Traditional Mailings
o Multi-media production and Power-point production
o Advertising and Marketing

Specific qualifications to include:

Computer Software and Programs Proficiency:
o MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook, MS SharePoint Designer
o Website Design and Management
o Constant Contact E-mail or similar platform
o Adobe Design Standard CS3 including Photoshop, InDesign, and LifeCycle
o ACS Church Management Software
o Proficient in Facebook page management, Twitter, Vimeo, Youtube, and other social media programs

Interpersonal Skills
o Able to communicate clearly both verbally and in written forms
o Able to speak in front of large groups of people and present information
o Ability to work one-on-one and provide technical assistance
o Ability to work in ministry team settings and consult across ministry areas

Other Skills and Expectations
o General Knowledge of the ELCA, its structure, and Lutheran Terminology
o Ability to multitask and work in a face paced environment
o Flexible work hours:  this position requires Sunday morning and evening hours, with agreed upon, adjusted, regular work hours. 

Desired result:  The congregation’s mission and ministry story will be shared across all media platform within the congregation, in the community and across the greater Church.

Interested applicants can send their resume and cover letter to Dee Ann Cameron at