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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Consortium Book Sales & Distribution

Publishing Internships

Positions are available in the marketing and sales departments. The marketing department selects two interns per season; the sales department selects one. After working at Consortium, many of our interns have successfully found full-time employment in the field, including positions at ForeWord Reviews, Redleaf Press, and Scarletta Press, among others.
For summer internships (with start dates in May or June), we accept applications between January 15 and March 1. For fall internships (with start dates in September or October), we accept applications between May 15 and July 1. For spring internships (with start dates in December or January), we accept applications between September 15 and December 23.
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Marketing Internship:

Have you ever wandered into a bookstore with the intention of picking up a particular book? How did that book come under your radar? Chances are, there was marketing involved. Book marketing is all of the behind-the-scenes stuff that connects a reader to a book. More than just advertising, book marketing includes: creating advance reading copies; outreach to booksellers, librarians, and professors; pitches to reviewers, TV and radio producers for coverage; attendance at tradeshows; book giveaways on blogs and Twitter; and many other activities. As the Consortium Marketing Intern, you will learn about the creative, innovative (and yes, cheap!), ways an independent publisher markets their books.

Sales Internship:

Sales is not a dirty word! Before a book is in your hands, it goes through many levels of “sale” that determine (among other things) where in the store you found it. Publishers have to excite their sales reps, who in turn have to excite booksellers, who, in the end, make their recommendations to you. In a tale of two books, otherwise equal, one is put face out and sells while the other collects dust. Our salesmanship can make all the difference. With books, sales can be about passion—taking a book you love and succinctly communicating that enthusiasm is an art. If you have aspirations as a writer, this internship will give you invaluable insight into how the world you wish to join works.

Duration of Internship:

10 weeks; Time requirement: 20 hours per week maximum



$10 per hourTo apply, please send a letter of introduction, résumé, and a 3–5 page writing sample.

For marketing, contact: Emylisa Warrick:
For sales, contact: Ruth Berger: