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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

CITY OF SAINT PAUL - Marketing & Public Relations Manager

Performs supervisory, managerial, and administrative work in planning, organizing, and directing the operations of marketing and communication initiatives for the City of Saint Paul. Performs a highly responsible and professional work in planning, organizing, and executing a comprehensive public relations program. Develops, prepares, and implements a section budget and manage the associated funds. Develops division or department educational material and/or promotional brochures, and literatures. Researches, writes, edits, and arranges for the distribution of news releases, publications and special articles. Prepares and edits scripts and speeches for presentation at public meetings or for media. Develops and presents public education programs for schools and community organizations. Plans, arranges, displays, and exhibits materials to promote public relations or inform the general public. Maintains and/or designs information on website(s). Performs other related duties and responsibilities as required.

Essential Functions are the functions that the individual holding the position must be able to perform unaided or with the assistance of a reasonable accommodation. The Essential Functions for this position are identified in the Supplemental Information section of the
Marketing and Public Relations Manager Job Description.

The current vacancies are in the Public Works and Planning and Economic Development (PED) departments.

The Public Works position handles all media relations and external communications to promote better community understanding of Public Works activities, including snow removal, street maintenance and construction, bridge construction, sewers, and recycling. Upcoming projects include a citywide Bicycle plan, the reconstruction of Kellogg Boulevard downtown bridges, and implementation of the Complete Streets Plan, which focuses on designing streets for every type of user from cars to bikes to pedestrians. This position is also responsible for internal communications to support more than 360 employees in multiple locations. Key responsibilities include promoting professional development, supporting racial equity initiatives, and developing strong employee morale.

The PED position handles all external communications and media relations for the department, and on behalf of the Saint Paul Housing and Redevelopment Authority. Ongoing major activities include the redevelopment of the Ford Site and implementation of the City’s 8/80 Vitality Program. The position works closely with the Mayor’s Office, city departments, federal and state governmental units, and neighborhood and commercial organizations. PED strongly supports racial equity initiatives, with a stated mission of “Actively creating opportunities and encouraging investment for the benefit of Saint Paul residents and businesses, which preserve, grow and sustain downtown and the city’s diverse neighborhoods.” 

A Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, Communication, Business Administration, or a related field and three (3) years of professional experience in responsible marketing work.

Must possess and maintain a valid Minnesota Class D Driver's License, or equivalent out-of-state driver's license. The driver's license must have no suspensions or revocations for driving-related offenses within the two year period prior to the date of appointment. Suspensions for parking-related offenses are excluded.

1) Submit City of Saint Paul online application, including answers to the Supplemental Questionnaire.
2) Upload or submit the following required document(s) via the online application system, mail, in person, email, or fax. (Zip files and web links will not be accepted. Each uploaded attachment is limited to 10MB.)
  • A resume
  • Prior to appointment date, proof of how minimum qualifications (e.g. copy of transcript, if applicable) were met must be submitted to Office of Human Resources.

Exam Subject: Training and Experience Examination

The Training and Experience Examination is the Supplemental Questionnaire within the application. This is an essay-type test in which you are asked to describe your education, training, and experience in areas related to this position.

Step 1: Be sure to provide complete and detailed information regarding your education, experiences and training in the listed areas. This information is subject to verification from current/former employers. You must submit your completed application and supplemental questionnaire by the application deadline.

Step 2: Subject Matter experts will evaluate your answers to the questions. You must receive a score of 75% or higher to pass the exam and be considered for the position. Those who pass will be placed on the eligible list and all will be notified of their status. Hiring managers can hire from the eligible list during a one year period. You will be notified if invited to interview for a job opening.

Please note:
  • Your resume and application are not part of the exam. Do not write “see resume” as you are answering the supplemental questions. The person(s) rating this exam does not have access to your resume and will know only what you document on this training and experience exam.
  • Your answers may be drafted in a word processing program and copied into the appropriate exam question text box. You should periodically save your work in progress to avoid losing information, if you are timed out of the system.
Eligible Lists created from Open Job Posting: This position is open to anyone who meets the position requirements. Non-promotional eligible lists typically are pass/fail. Those who pass the exam will be placed on an eligible list for approximately one year.

Final Selection Process: A Hiring Manager will consider applicants placed on the list of eligible candidates. You will be notified if you are invited to participate in the final selection process which may include an interview, job simulation, work sample submission, or other evaluation method.

Condition of Employment: This position may require a background check, medical examination, driver’s license check, credit check and/or a drug test as a condition of employment.

Human Resources Contact Information:
Jerome Sakpeider at 651-266-6533
200 City Hall Annex
25 West Fourth Street
Saint Paul, MN 55102
Fax: 651-266-6490

To refer back to this information, we recommend you print this job posting before you apply.

Veteran’s Preference: If you are a veteran and would like to receive Veteran’s preference in accordance with MN Statute 43A.11, you must submit a photocopy of your DD214 preferably at time of application
. Click here for More Information.

The City of Saint Paul is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. Women, persons of color, members of the LGBT community, and individuals with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.