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Friday, July 10, 2015

Minnesota Fighting AIDS on Bikes - Red Ribbon Ride Recruitment Events Coordinator

Under the supervision of the Red Ribbon Ride Executive Director, Recruitment Events Coordinator works to achieve recruitment goals, by implementing and executing recruitment efforts. Assists in organizing and attending various outreach related to Participant recruitment, including, but not limited to, outreach at gyms, indoor cycling studios, businesses/industries, and communities. Assists in planning of and execution of all pre-Ride events, coordinates office volunteer needs, and assists daily administrative support, as needed, for Red Ribbon Ride.

1) Assists in development and implementation of strategies for outreach and recruitment programs.
2) Develops short- and long-range recruitment plans within assigned recruitment programs (demographic, geographic, community-based).
3) Plans Recruitment efforts at all pre-Ride events.
4) Organizes and represents Red Ribbon Ride at various outreach events, such as farmers markets, bike expos, athletic events, and cultural fairs; develops and maintains outreach list, including all contact information, tasks, and results; produces monthly effectiveness report.
5) Represents Red Ribbon Ride to various businesses, governmental agencies, sponsor sources, and the general public; establishes relationships with community groups in order to facilitate recruitment; organizes institutional resources to facilitate these efforts.
6) Communicates with lapsed Participants and interested potential Participants over the phone, through email and in-person.
7) Works with Executive Director to maintain volunteer structure and staffing to effectively accomplish Red Ribbon Ride recruitment and retention goals and objectives.
8) Staffs Red Ribbon Ride 4-day bike ride, as well as surrounding logistical “check in”, “gear drop”, “upload” and “download” days.

1) Assists in planning of all major Red Ribbon Ride pre-Ride events, including Red Ribbon Ride World AIDS Day, Launch Party, Winter Training Kick Off, Expo, Spring Training Kick Off, Day on the Ride, and Victory Party.
2) Develop invitations, RSVP/calendar web pages.
3) Coordinate advertising and promotion via social media, web and email.
4) Plan and execute appropriate event atmosphere, including flow, d├ęcor and music.
5) Work with Executive Director to develop cohesive programming for all events.
6) Secure and manage auctions, drawings and prizes.
7) Define company brand through events.
8) Manage recruitment and training of volunteers for events.
9) Analyze event performance and prepare debrief reports to be used internally.
10) Coordinate execution of Pedal Paddle Camp with Executive Director.

1) Assist with ordering and inventory of Red Ribbon Ride and Pedal Paddle Camp print materials including recruitment palm cards, Staff business cards, banners, buckslips and bulk mailers.
2) Coordinate and manage mailings of inquiry requests and participant registration packets.
3) Prepare progress reports in a timely manner as requested by the Red Ribbon Ride Executive Director.
4) Coordinate volunteers assigned to large projects including pre-events, bulk mailings and phone banking.
5) Assists in managing Social Media outlets.

1) Other duties as assigned

1) Bachelor's degree with 2 to 5 years’ experience directly related to the duties and responsibilities specified.
2) A minimum of one year experience in volunteer management to include recruitment, motivation, retention and appreciation efforts;
3) Demonstrated ability to influence decision-making of consumers. Sales or campaign experience a plus.
4) Demonstrated ability to provide leadership, organize outreach activities effectively, and provide impeccable customer support and relations.
5) Excellent verbal and written communications skills, including public speaking, and strong organizational, detail and interpersonal skills.
6) General knowledge of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, including planning and scheduling Social Media campaigns.
7) Ability to work independently, to work under supervision, and to work in a team-based and goal-oriented environment.
8) Exceptional ability to work well under pressure, manage and prioritize projects with multiple and often competing deadlines, and meet all set deadlines;
9) Extensive computer skills including word processing, database operations and spreadsheets. Strong familiarity with MS Word, Outlook, Excel, Power Point, design software and customer service databases a plus;
10) Ability to supervise and train volunteers, including organizing, prioritizing, and scheduling work assignments.
11) Direct knowledge of Red Ribbon Ride or very similar bicycling, fundraising events.
12) Demonstrated team player with ability to work effectively with men and women of diverse races, ethnicities, ages and sexual orientations in a multi-cultural environment;
13) Ability to engage and involve individuals in the work, programs, activities and events for and on behalf of the eight benefiting agencies, LGBT and HIV/AIDS communities.
14) Able to work flexible schedule including some nights and, weekends

Salary: $35,000.00 /year
Required experience:
  • Volunteer Management, Recruitment, Communication, Events: 1 year