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Saturday, December 12, 2015

2nd Wind Exercise Equipment - SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER

Minneapolis based, 2nd Wind Exercise is the nation's largest specialty exercise equipment retailer.
We are looking for a social media manager to manage all aspects and channels of social media. These channels include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and any other channels we deem important. You will be responsible for implementing social strategies to promote 2nd Wind Exercise, to attract followers, engage customers, respond to leads and inquiries (while maintaining 2nd Wind Brand voice), and to manage all aspects of social advertising.
You should be well versed in social media trends and industry best practices. You should have a passion for the latest and greatest social trends. You should enjoy creating content, building social media events, blogging, and living in the social media space.

The principal duties and responsibilities of the social media manager consist of, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Create content that can be shared across all social channels that promote 2nd Wind Exercise, the brand, the products and a healthy lifestyle.
    • Develop promotions, events, and campaigns that are targeted to our customers, new audiences and leads.
    • Drive traffic, increase leads, and track goals from our social media channels.
    • Develop weekly/monthly reporting pertaining to social media strategies by using social listening and analytics tools.
    • Provide and present analysis and insights from social monitoring to the Director of Marketing, Leadership, and all relevant teams.
    • Identify any social media and content gaps. Provide recommendations to close gaps and drive maximum traffic and engagement.
    • Manage our blog and promotion of our blog. The social media manager will be responsible for gathering blog content, editing content, and/or creation of content, being mindful of search engine optimization and lead generation.
    • The social media manager will be the lead on any crisis management and/or negative comments in the social media space. You will need to respond to these comments while maintaining the 2nd Wind brand voice.
    • You will also manage all advertising for the social media space and maintain budgets and forecasts.
    • Research, attend training, and follow industry best practices to continually report back on emerging social media trends.
    • Explore new ways to engage our customers and leads. Identify any new social media networks we should target our marketing and engagement efforts.
    • You may also be tasked with additional marketing duties outside of the social media channels. These duties may include, but not limited to, email marketing, paid search, and other unspecified marketing duties.

  1. Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in business, marketing, or journalism.
  2. 2+ years’ experience in digital and social media channels
  3. Proven record of social media campaign building
  4. Experience with social media listening and analytics reporting
  5. Highly effective writing skills for multiple channels
  6. Strong time management and organizational skills
  7. Must possess the ability to work closely with diverse groups of people
  8. Must possess strong understanding of technology and how to leverage social media as part of a complete marketing strategy. 
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