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Friday, January 15, 2016

Ness Joins Tunheim as Strategic Partner

Tunheim, a Minneapolis-based communications consulting firm, recently announced the addition of Don Ness, former mayor of Duluth, to its roster of strategic partners.
A dedicated community organizer and local leader, Ness will add to Tunheim’s vast experience developing thoughtful, effective strategic communications, as well as cultivating strong relationships with stakeholders and community leaders in the corporate, academic and non-profit sectors.
“We’ve known Don Ness for many years and have greatly admired the leadership and innovative spirit he brought to his time of service in Duluth,” said Kathy Tunheim, president and CEO of Tunheim. “We’ve also had opportunities to work with organizations in the Twin Ports and fully expect that Don will be as engaged as ever in the continuing emergence of that region.”
Together, Tunheim and Ness plan to help organizations identify innovative solutions to solve their most complex problems and rethink their approaches to capitalize on their most important opportunities.
“My success as mayor was based primarily on two factors: the courage to take on our city's biggest problems and the ability to develop and deliver on big ideas,” said Ness. “I'm excited to bring this approach for the benefit of Tunheim’s clients.”
In addition to announcing a strategic partnership with Tunheim, Ness also announced the founding of Hillside Ventures, which will specialize in business and economic development, executive strategies, organizational development and public affairs messaging in the Twin Ports area.