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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Celarity - Social Media Specialist

You’ve got a deep understanding of social media platforms, best practices, analytics, and developing insights. If you’re looking for a new role, check this one out!
In your new role as the Social Media Specialist, you’ll develop social calendars and content for clients as you assist in maximizing engagement with audiences. Create plans and navigate various outreach programs to align with the strategy and goals for your clients. Keep up with the users and review their comments, quickly generating appropriate responses. You’ll relay important insights to your team and company stakeholders, utilize social listening tools, and even engage with social influencers to build relationships with audience members.
This is a chance for you to showcase how quick you can be on your feet to make strong decisions that result in awesome user engagement activities. Plus, you’ll hone in on your specialized skills set to utilize social media platforms to their fullest by giving important insights, helping to plan social strategies and build relationships with audience members.
If you’re passionate about social media and want to share your expertise, apply fort this role with Celarity today!


  • Bachelor's degree
  • Experience with community management and social listening
  • Expertise in social media platforms and tools
  • Agency background is a big plus!


We take care of employees and offer great benefits such as:
  • Medical Insurance with Celarity contributions
  • Paid Time Off
  • Dental plan
  • 401(k) match plan
Apply now.