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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Department of the Army - PUBLIC AFFAIRS SPECIALIST




This position is located in the Joint Force Headquarters - State, Personal Staff, Public Affairs Office (PAO). The primary purpose of the position is to collect, assemble, prepare and disseminate information concerning the various activities of the state's NG.


UNIT: Public Affairs Office, NGMN-PA, TACC, Cottage Grove, MN

LOCATION: Cottage Grove, MN

SELECTING OFFICIAL: CPT Holly E. Rockow, (651) 282-4440

This is an Excepted Service position that requires active membership in a compatible MOS in the Minnesota Army National Guard and wear of the military uniform. Acceptance of an Excepted Service position constitutes concurrence with these requirements as a condition of employment. Applicants who are not currently enlisted in the Minnesota Army National Guard must be eligible for immediate enlistment or appointment. For enlistment/appointment criteria, consult

**Upon selection, individuals will undergo a background check to validate suitability for employment with the federal government as permitted by law, regulation, Presidential order or other authority. Suitability is dependent upon the particular requirements for security clearance, sensitivity level, and DOD IT network access. Items checked include, but are not limited to all criminal history record information, employment history, education and fiscal accountability/responsibility.**
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A Public Affairs Specialist, GS-1035-09, Develops news releases and feature articles describing Guard sponsored activities or events, presentation ceremonies, etc. Distributes these to local and national print and broadcast media representatives. Responds orally and in writing to requests for information from Guard members, member associations, external audiences or special interest groups. Determines the sensitivity of data requested and if data is determined to be sensitive or controversial. Coordinates data release with a senior Public Affairs (PA) Specialist. Evaluates local media programming on NG events, activities or communication campaigns to identify potential public relation issues with message content or format. Once identified, advises management on potential cause of the problem and forwards suggestions for resolving them. Gathers data on public reaction to communication campaigns for analyses and evaluation. When the evaluation is completed, draws the appropriate conclusions and from these develops and submits recommendations to the PAO for improving the campaign's appeal to the general public or target audience. Prepares and disseminates news releases and feature articles to the media for print. Selects and incorporates photographs, film footage, etc., into the release or article to visually enhance the message with viewers. Consults with the pertinent program specialist to obtain the latest information for use in news releases, radio spots, print articles, meetings and electronic broadcasts. Develops semi-technical written materials to educate a specific audience on the nature and purpose of the NG's programs, policies and practices. Develops positive working relationships with state and local government personnel, community or special interest groups or individuals desiring input on state level NG policy, practices or programs. Other duties as assigned.

Travel Required

Not required
Supervisory status