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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

PR that sparks Action!

We are a fun and wildly creative bunch, so there’s no shortage of ideas.  It’s your job to turn those ideas into content that gets action (i.e. you write for how brains work).  You’ll be jamming out creative ideas with us, writing emails and advertising, creating landing pages, even helping with scripts and video.  You’ll manage social media, email campaigns, company communication including our Sandbox section (soon to rearranged and loaded fun and interesting pieces).
Apply now and get an instant e-copy of our Founder/CEO’s book REWIRE (gives you a quick glimpse into the spirit of First Financial).—
Are you a fit?
You’re resourceful, clever and a talented communicator who can write for action. You’re a community builder, a future thinker, and driven to have a truly massive impact. If so, then this is specifically for you.
Location: Plymouth, MN
How to apply
Complete the short application at this link.
Our reason for being:
A place to grow.
We started First Financial as a place where those who operate on a different plane; intentional people with an indomitable spirit and soulful bedside manner can soar.
Core Values:
  1. Conscientious.  Conscientious people show care, put in a big effort, are painstaking scrupulous, and honest.
  2. Play to Win:win. Not just going through the motions… we’re here to really be engaged.
  3. Encouraging/Cheerleader/Coach
  4. Problem Solving
  5. Always getting better
Three minutes from now your application can be in play.
I hope you’re open to the challenge. Together I believe we can truly change the world. APPLY HERE.
Colin Kraker will be managing all questions and inquiries regarding the position. Please reach out to him at
Warmest regards,
P.S. We look forward to meeting you.
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