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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Best Buy - Social Media Specialist

Social Media Specialist

Full Time
Job Description
This role is responsible for communicating directly with our current and future customers on social platforms for positive conversations. These platforms include Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The intent of this work is to humanize the Best Buy brand by talking about what’s possible, building brand love and fostering community. Ideally candidates are highly engaged with social media, pop culture and a genuine interest in technology and consumer electronics.

The work consists of 1:1 communication (70% of time spent), analytics (15% time spent), user generated content (10%) and other various campaign execution work (5%).

Our ideal candidate has exceptional oral and written communication skills and is able to develop engaging content. Also, a proven track record in methodical, rational and mature decision making.

Key Responsibilities:

1:1 Communication
  • Engage with customers on social platforms, both @mentions as well as customers talking about products we sell
  • Set and implement social media and communication campaigns to align with marketing strategies
  • Provide engaging text, image and video content for social media accounts
  • Respond to comments and customer queries in a timely manner
  • Weekday evenings and weekend support swing shifts
  • Assist in identifying winners for Surprise & Delight activations.  This includes reaching out to the individuals to tell them that they “won” and collect their personal information (per direction from legal)
  • Assist in the responses to influential accounts (i.e. verified account or an account that was influential 10K+ followers)
  • Flagging any post issues that they see while monitoring (i.e. typos in posts) along with any ECC issues/concerns with how they responded to anyone

  • Ongoing robust 1:1 report which consists of the following insights:
    1. Key Takeaways
    2. Brand Love Results (for that month vs. LY)
    3. Top Monthly Wins and Engaged Responses
    4. Product Category Analysis  
    5. Competitor Overview
    6. Industry Conversation Trends on Twitter

Monitoring conversations
  • Utilize social listening tools to monitor crisis/issues that arise, product launch, PR related issues/news stories etc.  This monitoring ranges from simple updates via email to our Facebook Group or actual decks with more robust information

User Generated Content

  • Find usable UGC that fits within brand guidelines. Then reaches out to users to get their approval to feature their content
  • Provides UGC best practices and competitor examples

Minimum Qualifications:
  •  2 years of Marketing or related experience

Preferred Qualifications:
  • 2 years of social media experience
  • National brand experience
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